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The Manager

Founded in 2001, Centuria NZ* is a leading fund
manager with operations across New Zealand
and Australia. Centuria NZ owns or manages
65 properties across the office, retail and
industrial sectors, with $2.2 billion of assets
under management.
Centuria NZ employs 42 staff across offices
in Auckland, Christchurch and New Plymouth,
with specialist expertise in asset management
and development management, as well as
other essential professional functions including
accounting, treasury and investor relations, legal,
compliance and company secretariat.
The Manager of Asset Plus, Centuria NZ, has
recently undergone a change of ownership
following ASX listed Centuria Capital Group’s
takeover of Augusta Capital, which became
effective on 7 September 2020. Centuria Capital
manages A$16.8 billion of real estate across
Australia and New Zealand.
The scale of Centuria’s business allows a vantage
point from which to understand the market and
unlock real estate opportunities. Centuria has
comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge and
insights pertaining to property buyers/sellers,
tenants and, importantly, the constant and subtle
shifts to lending and bank sentiment.
Understanding this sentiment has a critical bearing
on the investment strategies ultimately determined
for each property it manages. Centuria’s wide
market reach, coupled with its professional
expertise across all the key areas of asset
management, represents the value proposition
which will underpin its strategy for the future
growth and success of the Asset Plus portfolio.
Centuria Capital (NZ) No.1 Ltd, as the shareholder
of the manager, owns 19.99% of Asset Plus
and increased its stake from 18.85% through
participation in the Equity Raise completed in
early October 2020.

* The manager’s name changed on 7 April 2021 from Augusta Funds Management Limited to Centuria Funds Management (NZ) Limited (Centuria NZ).