Augusta actively manages more than $1.8 billion of assets – involving office, retail and industrial properties throughout New Zealand and Australia. Founded by Mark Francis in 2001 – Augusta’s evolution reflects a proven skill and experience in identifying value and moving decisively to turn-around under-performing assets. Augusta Capital as the Manager of assets will often take a stake in the offerings it brings to market.

Augusta Capital has evolved from its origins as a single asset property syndicator – today Augusta is one of New Zealand’s largest and leading property funds management specialists. Augusta no longer just buy assets, they now help fund and/or develop them – targeting opportunities with robust, long-term investment fundamentals spanning multiple sectors of the economy.

Augusta’s wide market reach, coupled with its professional expertise across all the key areas of property management, represents the backbone of the value proposition which will underpin its strategy for the Asset Plus portfolio future growth and success.

There is a dedicated asset manager for each property within the portfolio. In line with the yield plus growth ambitions of Asset Plus, each asset manager had been selected for their ability to actively manage each asset and exhaust all avenues to extract value from the existing portfolio in the short term.

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