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Board of Directors

Bruce Cotterill

Chairman, Non-Executive Independent Director

Bruce Cotterill joined the Board of Asset Plus in April 2017. 

Bruce is an experienced CEO, Chairman and Company Director, who has excelled in a number of sectors and in a range of extremely demanding roles. This includes businesses going through major transformation brought about by financial performance, structural change and cultural issues. As a CEO he has led real estate group Colliers, both in New Zealand and Australia, Kerry Packer’s ACP Magazines, and iconic New Zealand sportswear company Canterbury International. 

As CEO of Yellow Pages Group he was appointed to lead that company through a period of dramatic change, including the restructure of the Company’s $1.8 billion of debt. Bruce was Chairman of Noel Leeming Group for 8 years until that Company’s sale to The Warehouse.

John McBain

Non-Executive Director

John joined the Centuria Capital Limited (“CNI”) Board (formerly Over Fifty Group) on 10 July 2006. He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Over Fifty Group in April 2008 and serves as Joint CEO with Jason Huljich. 

John was also a founding director and major shareholder in boutique funds manager Century Funds Management, which was established in 1999 and acquired by the Over Fifty Group in July 2006. Prior to joining CNI, John held senior positions in a number of property development and property investment companies in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. As a director of both the largest shareholder and the Manager, John is therefore not an independent director. John joined the Board in September 2020

Paul Duffy

Non-Executive Director

Paul Duffy has over 36 years’ experience in the property investment/development industry, including CEO/ executive director of DNZ Property Fund (now named Stride Property) for 13 years. 

During his career, Paul held the position of General Manager of Fletcher Property Limited and was Joint Managing Director of US Real Estate Subsidiaries for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. In this role he oversaw the formation of a large real estate portfolio in the United States and Europe. Paul is currently a Director of Leighs Construction and a number of private companies. Paul is the former chairman of the Manager, and is therefore not an independent director.

Paul joined the Board in April 2017.

Carol Campbell

Non-Executive Independent Director

Carol Campbell joined the Board of Asset Plus in May 2015 and chairs the Audit and Risk Committee. Carol is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. 

Carol has extensive financial experience and a sound understanding of efficient Board governance. Carol holds a number of directorships across a broad spectrum of companies, including T&G Global, New Zealand Post, NZME and the Fisher Listed Investment companies – Kingfish, Barramundi and Marlin Global, where she is also Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. She is also a Director of Kiwibank. 

Carol was a Director of The Business Advisory Group for 11 years, a Chartered Accountancy Practice, and prior to that a partner at Ernst & Young for over 25 years.

Allen Bollard

Non-Executive Independent Director

Allen has a long background in accounting, business analysis, risk management, tax, and finance, mostly in property and construction. 

Starting as a partner in a major accounting firm, he was then CFO for three listed property companies and for ten years was CEO/ CFO of Tramco Group, which managed and financed several large privately held leasehold land owning partnerships including Viaduct Harbour Holdings, Tram Lease, Quay Lease, Kiwi Forests, Wairakei Pastoral and Calland Properties Ltd. He is now an independent business and finance consultant and Director, still advising Tramco and is an independent trustee for the Wyborn and Green families. 

He is the Government approved independent director of Tamaki Makaurau Community Housing Joint Venture and Chair of the Odyssey House Board of Trustees. Allen joined the Board in April 2017.