Our Philosophy

Asset Plus targets assets that fit with our Yield Plus Growth investment strategy, targeting higher returns than typically available to investors in listed entities that are invested only in low-risk CBD major buildings through a more diversified property portfolio.

Asset Plus invests in a nationwide diversified portfolio of properties, spread across the main centres of Auckland and Christchurch, with selected provincial exposure.

The Company will target superior, risk-adjusted returns, in keeping with its Yield Plus Growth investment strategy, through the:

  • Careful selection of assets that are higher-yielding or have the potential to be high yielding
  • The astute judgement of risks
  • Application of intense asset management, and avoidance of hotly contested, lower-yielding, premium assets.

Our investment goal is to target long-term total returns greater than the benchmark return threshold detailed by the NZX Property Sector Index while maintaining a strong balance sheet to ensure Asset Plus is always poised to take advantage of emerging opportunity.

Asset Plus adopts an active management philosophy encompassing asset and financial management, strategic investments, acquisitions & divestments, and the judicious development of new and existing assets.