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Results of Annual Meeting

Asset Plus Limited is pleased to confirm the results of its annual meeting this afternoon.

At today�s annual meeting held in Auckland, shareholders were asked to vote on two resolutions, which were all supported by the Board. Voting was conducted by a poll.

All resolutions were passed by shareholders. Details of the total number of votes cast in person or by a proxy holder are:


1. That Robert Allen Bollard be re-elected as a director of the Company:
– For: 94,367,436 (99.78%)
– Against: 211,591 (0.22%)

2. That the Board be authorised to fix the auditors� fees and expenses from time to time
-For: 93,630,361 (98.95%)
– Against: 994,146 (1.05%)

A copy of the presentation provided to shareholders is also attached.

Change of Senior Manager
Following the meeting, Augusta�s previous Chief Operating Officer, Guy French-Wright has ceased to be a senior manager in respect of Asset Plus. Augusta�s new Chief Operating Officer, Joel Lindsay, is now considered to be a senior manager in respect of Asset Plus.


For further information please contact:

Mark Francis
Managing Director, Augusta
T (09) 300 6161
F (09) 300 6162