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25/5/2020, 12:49 pm�TRANSACT

25 May 2020 

Munroe Lane � satisfaction of resource consent condition

Asset Plus is pleased to confirm that it has now received the required resource consent for the proposed development of a new office building at 6-8 Munroe Lane, Albany, Auckland. As a result, the resource consent condition in the Agreement to Develop and Lease with Auckland Council has now been satisfied.

The agreement with Auckland Council remains subject to a funding and shareholder approval condition. The current date for satisfaction of that condition is 31 July 2020. However, the agreement provides an ability for the parties to agree to further extend it to 30 October 2020 (with such agreement at each party�s absolute discretion).


For further information please contact:

Bruce Cotterill
Chair, Asset Plus Limited
Mobile: 021 668 881

Mark Francis
Managing Director, Augusta Funds
Management Limited, Manager of Asset Plus
09 300 6161