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2016 Annual Meeting Results

NPT has declared the poll results of the two resolutions put to the Company�s Annual Meeting of Shareholders held in Christchurch on Friday 19 August 2016.

Both resolutions were passed as follows:

Resolution 1
The re-election of Director Sir John Anderson.
For: 85,864,924 votes representing 99.96% of votes cast
Against: 30,536 votes representing 0.04% of votes cast

Resolution passed.

The Board has determined that in accordance with NZX Main Board Listing Rule 3.3.2 that Sir John Anderson is an Independent Director.

Resolution 2
To authorise the Directors to fix the fees and expenses of the Auditor of the Company
For: 85,599,824 votes representing 99.65% of votes cast
Against: 301,636 votes representing 0.35% of votes cast

Resolution passed.


For more information, please contact:

Tony Osborne T 09 302 4586
Acting Chief Executive M 021 606 088
NPT Limited E 

Stephen Reid T 09 302 4584
Chief Financial Officer M 021 766 636
NPT Limited E 


Key Facts about NPT Limited
� NPT Limited is an NZX-listed company; its code is NPT.
� The Board is comprised of Sir John Anderson (Chairman), Jim Sherwin and Carol Campbell.
� NPT has a diversified portfolio of retail, commercial and industrial properties located in Auckland, Hawke�s Bay and Christchurch.